Are Matthew Perry And Matt LeBlanc Actually Friends in Real Life?

Are Matthew Perry And Matt LeBlanc Actually Friends in Real Life?
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From Batman and Robin to Lennon and McCartney, there are many examples of close-bonded relationships in real life and on screen.

The dynamic shared between Joey (Matt LeBlanc ) and Chandler (Matthew Perry ) on Friends is a charming one. Their seemingly opposite energies are the comedic yin and yang that balances out the show. Personally, the two men always show a level of genuine care and respect for one another.

Being a show in which the characters are almost inseparable from their actors, that begs the question: what is the relationship between Perry and LeBlanc really like?

They were inseparable from the start

The specific details regarding the current standing of their relationship are not known and should be kept between Perry and LeBlanc out of respect for their privacy. However, in all the interactions fans have been blessed to observe, the insight we are given is that the two are quite close in real life. After all, spending ten years portraying an on-screen dynamic such as that is the ultimate team-building exercise.

The pair have been on record, together and apart, speaking highly of the other. LeBlanc has said that he and Perry could "not see [each other] for five years and then get in a room together" as if they had just hung out the night prior.

Perry himself, who has been quite open about his battle with substance abuse, holds LeBlanc in very high regard. One memorable instance was when the "addiction-ravaged" actor passed out in the middle of a scene. LeBlanc, being an early supporter of Perry, promptly nudged him awake before the rest of the cast could catch on.

Bad Blood?

On one occasion, courtesy of Matt LeBlanc's father, Paul, it was disclosed that LeBlanc didn't like Perry and merely put on a smile for the camera.

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That claim did not gain much traction, as an overwhelming majority of evidence alludes to LeBlanc having a great fondness for Matt which is reciprocated in spades.

LeBlanc, in addition to standing by Perry through his addiction, went to cheer him on during his stint in the play The End Of Loving. The two have also been spotted at various award shows and charitable events since Friends ended, which leaves a fuzzy feeling in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Buddies for the long run

It has been well-documented that the entire cast of Friends reminisce back to their time on the show with tenderness. Regardless of the individual paths forged after the show's final bow, each cast member has carried a small piece of each other through the years.

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The cast proves that friendship is much more about the quality of the relationship rather than the quantity of time spent together.

That is no exception for Joey and Chandler. Though LeBlanc and Perry may rarely cross paths nowadays, the admiration the two share is timeless and more evident than ever when they reunite side by side.