Argylle Biggest Twist Was Revealed By Press…3 Years Ago 

Argylle Biggest Twist Was Revealed By Press…3 Years Ago 
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There has been a great deal of speculation as to who Agent Argylle really is, while the answer to this mystery has been right in front of us.


  • On February 2nd, Matthew Vaughn's spy movie Argylle finally hits theaters.
  • Fans assume that Elly Conway, on whose book the movie is supposedly based, does not exist, since no publication has been able to contact her and no one knows what she looks like.
  • Apparently, the main twist about who Argylle really is was spoiled in press releases three years ago
  • Back then, it was reported that Vaughn will make a movie about a female writer who turns out to be a spy, but can't remember her past due to amnesia.

On February 2, Argylle, the movie about the world-class spy, will finally premiere. The project, directed by Matthew Vaughn, creator of the Kingsman franchise, is shrouded in many strange rumors and secrets.

What is it – a premeditated marketing campaign or a series of coincidences?

Argylle is Surrounded by Many Mysteries

The start of filming of the movie, based on the novel of the same name, had started long before the book's publication. The book Argylle by Elly Conway was not published until January 2024, and its plot is very different from the movie.

The book version is about a CIA spy who takes on as his partner an agent with a dark past named Argylle. Together, they must stop a Russian tycoon's crazy plan that could plunge the world into chaos.

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At the center of Matthew Vaughn's film is author Elly Conway, who has created a successful series of spy novels about Agent Argylle. One day, under strange circumstances, she is rescued by a real spy.

So, without wanting to, Elly becomes part of the real world of espionage. The strangest thing is that the plots she comes up with are suspiciously similar to the crimes of a real-life influential crime syndicate.

The author of the book of the same name is a certain Elly Conway. Unlike her movie namesake, who has written a number of bestsellers, Argylle is her writing debut, and the real Elly's personality and appearance are a mystery to everyone. Many publications tried to interview her, but their efforts were fruitless.

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There have been the strangest assumptions about who was the real author of this spy story. The fans even tried to attribute the authorship to Taylor Swift, but this theory was destroyed by Matthew Vaughn himself. Maybe Elly Conway and her book are just part of the movie's PR campaign.

Argylle’s Main Twist Was Spoiled Three Years Ago

However, eagle-eyed fans noticed another strange detail – the movie's promotional campaign was largely based on the intrigue of who Agent Argylle was, but the answer to that question was unveiled three years ago in press releases from various publications.

For example, an Observer report from 2021 says that Matthew Vaughn is going to make a thriller about a female writer who turns out to be a high-level spy but has no memory of her past due to amnesia.

If you were hoping that Argyle would give us a crazy twist in the form of the cute white cat turning out to be the spy, you will most likely be disappointed – according to the three-year-old synopsis, Bryce Dallas Howard 's character, Elly Conway, will turn out to be Argylle.

Source: Observer