Arrow's Stephen Amell Has a Warning For Flash Fans Ahead of Finale

Arrow's Stephen Amell Has a Warning For Flash Fans Ahead of Finale
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Stephen Amell will be back as Oliver Queen for the upcoming final season of CW's The Flash, but he issued a warning to overly inquisitive fans.

Amell's Arrow (2012-2020) was the first of several series set in the Arrowverse; Flash will be the last. While Arrow kicked off the franchise, it was The Flash that officially established the shared universe.

When it was announced that Flash's ninth season would be the end of this era of DC shows, fans pled for Amell's return in the finale. It would, to them, be the perfect ending.

Amell took to Instagram to officially confirm his appearance. In short, he said it doesn't matter how or why – but he'll be back. He thanked the creators and crew for allowing him to wrap up his character, saying he always loved when his character was featured in the Flash. He ended his video with a very specific request.

"Don't ask me any more f***ing questions about it," he said with a smirk before blowing his fans a kiss.

The creators are obviously keeping the end of the franchise spoiler-free, though that hasn't stopped fans from asking Amell questions about his return on social media.

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Amell just tells his fans to tune in and find out for themselves.

A few other Arrowverse stars will be returning for the last season. David Ramsey – Arrow's John Diggle – has been reportedly in the final season's plans. Sendhil Ramamurthy will be back as Dr. Ramsey Rosso (Bloodwork); Keiynan Lonsdale will return as Wally West (Kid Flash); and Nicole Maines is expected to return as Nia Nal (Dreamer) in a Supergirl crossover.

Amell said in the video that as soon as producer Greg Berlanti called him and mentioned the final season of the Flash, Amell accepted – before Berlanti was even able to ask the question.

The Arrowverse has arguably been the most popular live-action superhero television franchise in history. Across its six series and 32 seasons, only three of its seasons have dropped below an 80% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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The ninth and final season of The Flash will premiere on February 8. Its 13 episodes will mark the show's shortest season yet.

Its finale will likely air just a few weeks before the premiere of the unrelated The Flash film starring Ezra Miller. Sources have denied any connection between the two, but in the franchise that first popularized the multiverse, nothing is really off the table.