At Least One Game of Thrones Star Still Has No Idea How It Ended

At Least One Game of Thrones Star Still Has No Idea How It Ended
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The finale of Game of Thrones is probably the most talked-about aspect of the show, if only thanks to the sheer controversy it generated. Arguments back then were spectacular to behold, and some of the fans are still mad about it.

But as it happened, there is at least one person among the Game of Thrones ' actual cast, who still hasn't even seen the finale and has no idea what happened in it. Or, in any case, he hadn't when last asked.

That person is Jack Gleeson, who played much-hated King Joffrey, until his character's death by poison in Season 4.

Some actors certainly enjoy watching shows they've worked on. Even after their characters make their exits, for one reason or another. But Jack did not watch Game of Thrones while he was in it, because he did not like to watch himself on the screen, and did not start after he was no longer in it. As he explained in an interview with Vulture:

"No, there's too much to catch up on. I've not a clue what's going on. In my mind, all these characters are still alive and everyone's in this place and those people are in that place and they have these motivations, and now everything's screwed around so much that it's a completely different show."

As he added, maybe somewhat jokingly:

"Even when I got the script, I only read my own scenes. I'm just selfish. Maybe I should get into it. I hear it's good."

That does not mean, however, that Jack Gleeson was indifferent to his job. Where his character was concerned, he strived to know everything he needed to know.

"Yeah, definitely. That was one of the first things I did when I heard I got the part: I looked at the Wikipedia summary of the books and my character. So the whole thing wasn't a surprise," he said, when asked whether he knew about Joffrey's eventual grisly fate in advance.

And Jack felt no disappointment or bitterness about the fact that he would be forced to leave the show midway through its run. He summarized his general feelings about his stint on Game of Thrones thusly: "I would've been happy to have one episode, or one season in the whole thing. The fact that I had as many as I did was an immense privilege."