Attention Horror Fans: Follow-up to Prime’s Most Disturbing Show Is Just Around the Corner

Attention Horror Fans: Follow-up to Prime’s Most Disturbing Show Is Just Around the Corner
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Prime Video prepares us for a terrifying horror roller coaster.


  • Next week Prime is going to release the second installment of the 2021 horror anthology, set in the early 1990’s in Los Angeles.
  • It’s going to follow an investigator whose family becomes haunted by evil.

Prime Video ’s Global Top has recently lacked some good old horror shows, with the prominent domination of the sci-fi saga Fallout and the superhero hit Invincible. However, their supremacy can be shattered by the upcoming platform’s horror show, which appears to be the continuation of the 2021 gripping anthology series.

3 years ago, the world saw its ten-episode season, set in 1953, which followed a black family moving to an all-white neighborhood in Los Angeles during the Second Great Migration. The audience was amazed by the chilling supernatural events, subsequently tormenting the members of this family and finally destroying their new life.

We’re talking about Them: The Scare, and the new season is going to be set in 1991, with the back-then rapid development of cinema with the horrifying slashers of the 1990’s. It is promised to tell a story of the LAPD Detective Dawn Reeve, who is assigned to the case of a relentless murder, and its investigation brings evil forces to Dawn’s own home and starts to grip her family.

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The main star of the first season, Deborah Ayorinde, will return to the anthology as the leading character, while the rest of the cast also assembles Pam Grier, Joshua J. Williams, Jeremy Bobb and Grammy-nominated musician and actor Luke James.

According to the given premise, the eight-episode second season of the captivating show will explore such universal themes, as family issues, discrimination and the nature of the crime, through the prism of nail-biting horror and the supernatural.

Fans of American Horror Story, The Watcher and All of Us Are Dead will appreciate the unexpected plot’s twists and suspense, perfectly created by the showrunners.

Them: The Scare is the follow-up of the 2021 show Them, now retroactively dubbed Covenant. Despite some criticism regarding the series’ straight-forward message that spoiled the final twist, the first season was praised for the acting performances and for its stylish directing and retro visual code.

“The first season was traumatizing. I still think about it. "Cat in a bag," admits Redditor @nuggetisland.

The second installment of the anthology promises even a higher level of fearful horror sequences and character-driven twists.

Let’s wait for the release of Them: The Scare, which is scheduled on April 25, to dive into the horrifying world of Prime’s suspenseful show.