Attorney at Law, You Say? Fans Think Everything Points to Daredevil Appearance in 'She-Hulk'

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Did anyone say "attorney"? Is it a Daredevil reference?

Shortly after the first official trailer for 'She-Hulk' emerged online, fans have lost it – and not particularly because of their excitement to see Jennifer Walters, but due to the possibility of seeing… Daredevil.

What, why? It's simple: now, when there is anything remotely connected with the law in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is a Daredevil reference. We don't make the rules.

Because, you know, Daredevil is a lawyer also, and, as we know, "a pretty good" one…

But there are some people who, while loving Daredevil a lot, acknowledge that the upcoming show is actually dedicated to someone else.

And even if there is a cameo, there are people who hope it to be something not as big as fans have already imagined.

Fans' expectations are not baseless, because reports suggesting that Charlie Cox's Daredevil might appear in 'She-Hulk' emerged back in 2021. In Phase Zero podcast, it was claimed that it would not just be a Matt Murdock appearance as a lawyer, but as Daredevil himself, all suited up. Still, everyone will have to wait until August 17 to find out whether Matt Murdock makes an appearance in 'She-Hulk'. Among those we can definitely expect are Mark Ruffalo (Professor Hulk) and Tim Roth (Abomination).

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