Aunt May Actress Hints at Possible Comeback, But Fans Are Not Quite Welcoming

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Spider-Man: No Way Home has ripped through the Internet - and through the box office, reaping $1.8 billion across cinemas. It has also driven the fans crazy, not only with iconic reunions, but also with heartbreaking losses.

Marisa Tomei who portrayed Peter Parker’s aunt May in the MCU trilogy about the friendly neighborhood superhero has pondered the future of her character, whose fate in the latest movie was dramatic.

However, since the new phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe flirts with the idea of the multiverse, it is now possible that aunt May may actually return - at least that’s what Tomei thinks.

"I would love to come back and be a part of that. There’s history there, too. May Parker hooks up with Ant-Man. Well, I mean, she’s a standalone character, of course, but there are more avenues to explore,” Tomei told Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show”.

It’s always fun when your favorite characters come back for another ride! Or is it? It seems that fans are not that fond of the idea of respawning the death of Spider-Man’s beloved aunt.

The comeback would not only undermine Peter Parker’s drama, fans say, it would also invalidate their own emotions.

Others were less categorical. What if Marvel creators actually come up with a reasonable explanation of Aunt May coming back?

Someone even suggested that a comeback would give the character a new spin and open up new prospects for Aunt May.

Besides, it does not necessarily mean that she is going to be resurrected, one of the fans reminded.

Someone even suggested their own way of explaining May’s comeback. It would also lowkey fit in the canon!

Hooking up with Ant-Man, though? For some fans it’s a big no-no.

After taking cinemas by storm, “Spider-Man: No Way Home” arrived at the fans’ homes via the digital release. The third movie about Peter Parker successfully surpassed the threshold of $1.8 billion in the box office.

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