Axed Twilight Storyline Proves Alice’s Past Was So Much More Traumatic Than We Knew

Axed Twilight Storyline Proves Alice’s Past Was So Much More Traumatic Than We Knew
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Here's something you don't know about your favorite pitcher.

Twilight is a movie franchise that many of us enjoy watching (and re-watching) for many reasons. Be it our guilty pleasure or genuine appreciation of Stephenie Meyer’s vampire universe, it’s hard to deny that even after all these years we’re fascinated with Twilight and its characters – not only the main duo of Bella and Edward, but also the others.

Take the Cullen family, for instance. They are all so powerful and yet so unique that it's hard not to fall in love with them. But in the entire family, fans have their one and only favorite, and that's Alice Cullen, portrayed by Ashley Greene.

She is the most caring, heartfelt person, ready to spread love to almost everyone. Though it's actually strange that after everything she's been through in her life, she turned out that way.

Alice's backstory wasn't included in the movies, but Stephenie Meyer, the author of the original Twilight books, had a story written about Alice that shed light on her dark and traumatic past.

The most important thing about Alice is that she is able to foresee the future in her visions. But it turns out that she started having them when she was still human. At a young age, she was having visions of things that were about to happen. It was usually something small, like predicting the weather.

But once, when she was older, she saw the death of her mother. Understandably, she begged her to never leave their home so as not to be killed.

For some time, her mother was afraid something would really happen to her and listened to Alice's words. But after some time, she started going out again – only to fall victim to a murder which was later described as an accident.

Axed Twilight Storyline Proves Alice’s Past Was So Much More Traumatic Than We Knew - image 1Some time after that, Alice had another vision that said her father was responsible for the murder. This made sense, because he wasn't really devastated after her mother's death, and quickly remarried. The man never stopped blaming everything on Alice and calling his daughter crazy.

After that, he decided to put Alice in a mental institution. At the hospital, she was given electroshock therapy, which erased all of her memories. But her visions always stayed with her.

While in the asylum, she met a vampire and they became friends. Shortly after, she had a vision of another, less friendly vampire coming to kill them. Any idea who that might be?

She told her friend about her recent vision, and in order to save her, he decided to turn her into a vampire. After that he hid Alice so James wouldn't find her. And that actually helped.

After some time, when the transition into a vampire was finally finished, she started to have visions again. And she eventually saw Jasper, her future husband, in one of them and went on to find him. Finally, she ended up being an important part of the Cullen family… until Bella Swan showed up to shake things up once again.