Barbie Star Gets Candid on The Most Humiliating Audition She Ever Had

Barbie Star Gets Candid on The Most Humiliating Audition She Ever Had
Image credit: Warner Bros.

It’s either too much or not enough in Hollywood, no in-between.

If you thought acting was an easy career, think again. Although actors are usually the type of people who enjoy the attention of the masses and are trained to act as if they are always in the spotlight, it is not easy at all to live with the target on your back all the time.

Moreover, the scrutiny that celebrities may receive from the media or the public is only part of the problem. Another part comes from much more influential people, the industry professionals themselves. From producers to casting directors to studio heads, there are far too many people who have the power to ruin someone's career.

And they're not afraid to use it while being downright insulting at readings and auditions. Even stars with such big names as America Ferrera, who was already known for her various comedic roles but is now ready to take over the world after Barbie, have some crazy stories to tell.

As Ferrera recalled for the New York Times feature, she had to go through many struggles in the early stages of her career. The worst and most humiliating audition she went through was for the commercial when she was just 16 years old.

“The casting director said, “Can you do it again but sound more Latino?” I had no idea what she was talking about. “You mean you want me to speak in Spanish?” She’s like: “No. Do it in English but just sound more Latino.” I genuinely didn’t realize until later that she was asking me to speak English with a broken accent,” the actress said.

While she was denied this particular role for not agreeing to fit a hurtful stereotype and pretending to speak with an accent she doesn't really have, America Ferrera was also denied a role for being "too much Latina" just a few years later. Even blonde hair and all the right qualifications for the role couldn't help the director see past her prejudices.

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Unfortunately, the stories America Ferrera shared are not unique and seem to continue to happen in the entertainment industry far more often than it would be easy to blame certain people. This is the mentality that needs to change, but sadly it is still not happening in 2023.

The great thing is that the hardships of the profession never made America Ferrera change her path, but rather made her work harder to reach greater heights. If you want to see the actress in action, you can stream Superstore on Hulu.

Source: The New York Times