'Batgirl' Could Have Been Saved, But Studio Still Pulled the Plug

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It seems that Warner Bros. chose to burn all the bridges.

It turns out that there was a way to make the release of 'Batgirl' happen but Warner Bros. ultimately decided not to give it a shot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there was an option to pour additional money into the 'Batgirl' production so that it could be elevated to a big screen level.

However, Warner Bros. ditched the idea of beefing the movie up and letting it hit big screens in 2023 instead of releasing it on HBO Max in 2022. It was deemed reasonable to kill the movie altogether after all, despite 'Batgirl' being one of the most "intriguing" DC projects, as put by The THR.

The movie was supposed to be a great step forward when it comes to representation, with Leslie Grace in the titular role. Besides, old-school DC fans were excited to see a cameo by Michael Keaton, who last time played Batman in 1992. In 'Batgirl', he was expected to put the iconic black cape on once again.

Now that 'Batgirl' has been shot down, filmmakers and fans share some emotional moments online, with the creative crew expressing sadness over the news and extending gratitude to those who supported the movie and waited for it to come out.

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