Batman Beyond Will Always Be a Bitter 'What If' For DC Fans

Batman Beyond Will Always Be a Bitter 'What If' For DC Fans
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The cancelled Michael Keaton movie could have been everything fans ever wanted.

Ironically, there are sometimes more details about the cancelled DC projects than those already in the works and planned for future releases. This is why the axed Michael Keaton-led movie Batman Beyond is still being actively discussed online, with new details about the film that will never happen emerging in reports.

For instance, it was reported that the cancelled movie could have featured some romance between Keaton's Batman and the original Catwoman — the news that makes the cancellation even more tragic for many fans.

"WBD what are you thinking canceling this film? I would have seen it multiple times in the theater. And I really do believe that a lot of other fans would have too. Especially if Michelle Pfeiffer would've played Selina Kyle aka Catwoman again," Twitter user Michael56410717 said.

Keaton's Batman is still slated to appear in The Flash alongside the scarlet speedster in 2023, but now that his movie is cancelled, that might as well be his only appearance in the new DCU.

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And while fans are mourning the movie that never happened, some people are still trying to find solace in how things turned out to be.

"As much as I want this, it makes no sense that it would be a "solo" Michael Keaton movie. The whole point of Batman Beyond is Bruce mentoring the new, younger Batman who would be the focus," Twitter user aidendpearce suggested.

Still, the cancellation of Keaton's solo Batman movie is perhaps just as disappointing for DC fans as was the axing of Batgirl, another promising DC projects that was killed due to Warner Bros. new strategy that prefers massive big screen movies to niche streaming products.

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The cancellation of this particular Keaton project, however, does not mean that the hope to see Batman Beyond brought to screens is dead altogether. Even within the Warner Bros. new vision, Keaton's Batman might secure himself a place in the DCU, especially if his appearance in The Flash will be warmly welcomed by fans.

The Flash is set to hit theaters in June 2023.