Batman Is Only One Plot Twist Away from Becoming a Villain, DC Writer Explains

Batman Is Only One Plot Twist Away from Becoming a Villain, DC Writer Explains
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But wait, why would just and righteous Bruce Wayne ever turn to the dark side? Well, he definitely could do that under this one condition, Mark Russell revealed.

There are thousands of superheroes in comic books and on the screens today. Many of them are similar; others are rather unique. Some of them are blatant rip-offs of other more successful characters — and others are those exact characters everyone tries to recreate for their own superhero franchise.

But among all of them, there are several heroes who everyone knows and would never mistake for any other character. In DC, these titular heroes are Superman and Batman.

Superman is almost an icon of a perfect superhero, and so many others tried to replicate him. Batman is the darker and more grounded self-proclaimed law enforcer who, arguably, is even more loved by fans. Lasers from the eyes are cool and everything, but when your superpower is money, it’s somehow more compelling.

There have been dozens of different versions of the Caped Crusader throughout the years, but the vast majority of them agreed that Batman was immensely dedicated to fighting crime and had strong moral principles on how to do it the right way. However, there has always been a strong chance of him becoming a villain, too!

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Or, at least, that’s what DC writer Mark Russell says.

Seeing how Bruce Wayne is the most righteous man in existence, why would he ever turn to the dark side? Isn’t fighting crime the goal of his life? Yes, it is — and that’s exactly why Batman could become a villain, according to Russell.

“If there were some way that Gotham City could be fixed without Batman, I could see him becoming a villain. He realizes he’s obsolete and has to start looking for problems, which leads to him creating problems to justify his existence,” the DC writer explained at Dragon Con.

Apparently, it’s the Caped Crusader’s righteousness that could become his downfall. Bruce Wayne has grown so unified with his Batman alter ego that he wouldn’t be able to stand being obsolete — and if Gotham were crime-free, he would try to take it back to its dark past. The past where Batman was needed.

Do you agree with Russell’s judgment?

Source: Dragon Con via ScreenRant