Battle of Trequels: Fans Deciding Whether 'Spider-Man 3' or 'The Dark Knight Rises' Is Best Movie

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Like a lot of things on Twitter, this debate started for an unclear reason, but immediately escalated to a civil war-level online squabble.

So, fans are debating whether they like 'Spider-Man 3' with Tobey Macguire or 'The Dark Knight Rises' with Christian Bale more as a trequel.

Both movies are quite gloomy, both main characters wear dark costumes (which in Spider-Man's case was not always like that). But it is unclear why exactly the merciless power of Internet discussions decided to compare these two films.

It is what it is, and neither of the camps is ready to give up on their favorite now.

Neither those who side with Tobey's trequel…

…nor the Batman fans.

It seems that many people, however, choose to vote against both, thinking that the two movies could have done a much better job. Others immediately argue that both films, vice versa, are iconic – for example, Spider-Man fans are still fond of the scene where the "dark" version of Tobey's Peter Parker does his bizarre dance outside of a shop. Those siding with the Dark Knight argue that their movie has a better ending and a better villain.

And it does not seem that this debate has the right answer, it only has an answer that is suitable for someone willing to join. So, if you are by any chance interested in defending any of the movies in question, the thing is still trending!

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