Behind-the-Scenes Drama of Crowley's Supernatural Exit: Sheppard's Perspective

Behind-the-Scenes Drama of Crowley's Supernatural Exit: Sheppard's Perspective
Image credit: The CW

If there is one thing fans love more than their favourite shows, it is learning of the secret drama that swells behind the scenes.

And Supernatural devotees were given a unique inside peek when Mark Sheppard, who portrayed Crowley, appeared at Fan Expo Canada.

He revealed that not all what smooth sailing on the set of the popular show and that he bore a heavy burden during his time working there.

Sheppard has lamented Crowley's demise, admitting that leaving Supernatural was not his decision. He was asked directly by a fan if he had a choice in leaving and he explained:

"No actor in the history of the world has a choice whether they're on a show or not. It doesn't work that way. The studio or network review your contract every year. I finished year three of a four-year contract, and they decided not to exercise their option."

He did not elaborate or speculate on why that was the outcome of his contract, but he did comment further on what he felt was a ticking time bomb regarding Crowley's time on the show.

Sheppard stated that he suspected his character was on his way out long before his eventual death at the end of season 12. He went on to comment that season 10 was the beginning of the end for Crowley:

"There's been a problem since Season 10, which is, 'I'm not really doing anything, guys.' They actually forgot they wrote me into the final scene of season 10. They had no idea because there's no dialogue for me at all… for a few seasons, I think I was just treading water to see what they were gonna do."

This cannot have been a comforting feeling for Sheppard. An incredibly talented actor who had been giving life to Crowley for five years, and receiving universal praise from critics and fans, to have that sense that he was being underused.

It must have been terribly unsettling for him, and even more so when you consider that this issue would persist for two more years before Crowley met his end.

As disappointing as this may be for fans to hear, it seems that Sheppard was not valued as much as he should have been on Supernatural.

For him to have been so wasted and under-utilized for his final two seasons is a crime against his ability and sheer brilliance of Crowley as a character.