Ben Affleck Made Blake Lively Shoot 'Awkward' Sex Scene with Him on Her Very First Day on the Set

Ben Affleck Made Blake Lively Shoot 'Awkward' Sex Scene with Him on Her Very First Day on the Set
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Sometimes, your first day on a new job turns out really unexpectedly, and you find yourself in a weird spot. This is exactly what happened with Blake Lively… But with a twist.

Ben Affleck 's thriller drama The Town was a massive success back in the day, and one of the key factors for its success was a great cast: apart from Affleck himself who served both as an actor and as a director, the movie had stars like Jeremy Renner and Blake Lively… And the latter had a questionable experience on the set.

The thing is, director Affleck was not about to waste any time. As soon as Lively set foot on the set, she learned that her very first scene was…

A sex scene with Affleck himself. Imagine this being the very first thing you hear as you come to your new job!

The actress was understandably surprised by such a random turn of events. Later, she shared that she was feeling extremely uncomfortable with a sex scene with a director being her very first task.

It's not like anyone would've been comfortable in her place.

"The sex scene was really awkward. It was my first day, so thank you for that. I guess it was good to break the ice," the actress commented.

That was all she said about the steamy scene, but we're pretty confident she had a lot more on her mind.

Ben Affleck himself, on the other hand, didn't feel awkward in the slightest. Despite Blake's discomfort, she was clearly not showing it since when Affleck shared his opinion on Lively's acting, he seemed to be very impressed with her.

The Town's director who just so happened to be Blake's partner in the sex scene called the actress "very poised and comfortable" and claimed that she was "more mature than some of the crew members."

Coming from Affleck, that's high praise.

Still, it would've definitely been even more comfortable for Blake Lively if the steamy scene was not her very first task on the set. After all, what could be so urgent about it that it could wait for at least a week?..

Source: Cosmopolitan