Ben-Related Continuity Error In 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 You Likely Missed

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Ben ended up being perhaps the most loveable character of 'The Umbrella Academy' – and definitely the most intriguing one, considering that one post-credits scene in season 3.

Sparrow Academy plot twist in season 3 sizzled out quite soon (too soon, as many 'The Umbrella Academy' fans complained), but at least it gave us one of the silliest and fun continuity errors there were. We're talking about Ben and his hairstyle here, and if you can't quite remember what's the actual deal with it, here's what happened.

In 'The Umbrella Academy' season 2 finale Ben wears his hair down with tousled bangs spread across his forehead.

However, in one of the first scenes of season 3 we get to see Ben with rather different hairstyle: his hair is now all k-pop idol-like, gelled up into a shorter, spikier fashion. The thing is, that moment in season 3 is taking place within seconds of season 2 scene.

Not exactly a "forgetting a Starbucks cup in a 'Game of Thrones' episode" level of mistake, but still a pretty obvious continuity error, especially if one binges 'The Umbrella Academy' seasons back-to-back. Well, at least Steve Blackman, the series' showrunner, has an explanation for eagle-eyed fans.

Turns out, 'The Umbrella Academy' creative team was fully aware of said error – but just decided to go through with it anyway. The decision to change Ben's hairstyle, thus creating a continuity error, was perfectly reasonable for Blackman and the show's star Justin H. Min:

"We shot that [original] scene on the very last day of Season 2, and I did not want them to do that to his hair. It's supposed to be continuous [between the last scene of Season 2 and the first scene of Season 3] but ... I wanted to change it. So did Justin, so we did a little flip of that," the showrunner explained to TVLine.

The thing is, a rather unfortunate hairpiece is at fault here: Ben's bangs are not the actor's actual hair, it's a hairpiece, that caused quite a few problems to Justin H. Min and the show's makeup team.

"The bangs had a great run, but they had to go," the actor said. "They kept falling out. It was going to be a nightmare to film with that, so the hair went up, and we called it a day."

We can only guess what hairstyle exactly Ben's going to rock in season 4; so far, there's no information whatsoever on when exactly 'The Umbrella Academy's last ever season will premiere.

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