Best Crime Drama of the 90s: Golden Tarantino Classic Drops on Prime Video

Best Crime Drama of the 90s: Golden Tarantino Classic Drops on Prime Video
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Rejoice: you can now watch Quentin Tarantino’s debut masterpiece on Netflix!

Quentin Tarantino is more than just one of the most iconic movie directors of all time; he’s a genre of his own. Countless others tried copying or mimicking his unique style, but it rarely worked — being completely self-taught, Tarantino makes movies no one else could. His dialogues are snappy, action scenes gruesome, and plot twists unexpected, and that’s the way he worked since his very first movie.

Reservoir Dogs Was a Brilliant Debut

Few directors can boast that their first-ever movie made waves worldwide and even joined the Cannes Film Festival, but Quentin Tarantino can. His directorial debut was so overwhelmingly different from everything else, and his style was so unique, that there was no way he wouldn’t get noticed immediately — and that’s why he did.

1992’s Reservoir Dogs tells a seemingly simple yet very Tarantino-esque story: a criminal boss gathers six experienced and unacquainted criminals to pull off the perfect jewelry heist, but everything goes sideways, and a foolproof gig turns into a bloodbath as the crew members begins suspecting each other to be police moles.

Reservoir Dogs Landed on Prime Video

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From the start, Quentin Tarantino’s director career skyrocketed, and so did his debut movie. Adored by critics and viewers alike, Reservoir Dogs has maintained its popularity to this day: on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 90% Critic Score and an even more impressive 94% Audience Scores from over 250,000 different reviews.

“Precisely plotted and engagingly juggled into a rich swirl of flashbacks that wind through the current crisis, this is the work of a director who loves movies and a storyteller engaged with the art of telling stories,” Stream on Demand’s Sean Axmaker wrote, perfectly capturing the essence of young — and old — Tarantino.

The more conservative IMDb supports the claim, giving Reservoir Dogs an 8.3/10 score. 32 years after its premiere, Tarantino’s debut masterpiece recently landed on Prime Video, but you can also watch it on Apple TV.

For avid Tarantino fans, this is great news because rewatching the director’s gem became easier; and if you haven’t watched it yet, this is your call to acknowledge the best crime drama of the 1990s.

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