Best Harry Potter Sequel Idea Ever Either Needs Radcliffe or Is a Decade Away

Best Harry Potter Sequel Idea Ever Either Needs Radcliffe or Is a Decade Away
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While everyone’s out there rebooting Harry Potter as a TV show or making incoherent prequels, there’s one great sequel idea fans strive for. But also, there’s a catch.


  • No post-main story Harry Potter project has reached the same level of popularity as the original.
  • Fans want to see a Harry Potter sequel about the main characters’ work as Aurors after the war.
  • Such a movie or show requires either the movie cast’s return or the new HBO series’ long-away ending.

The Harry Potter franchise has surprisingly little official content considering its popularity and potential, and the latest additions to it were undeniably disappointing. From the Piece That Cannot Be Named to the worst prequel movie series ever, the Wizarding World hasn’t been feeling well in terms of great new content for years.

Even the only glimmer of hope we have now — a TV show developed by HBO — is but a reboot of the original Harry Potter story. We’ve already seen it in several forms by now, but perhaps, after all the post-movie failures, creators are terrified of attempting new stories set in the Wizarding World. Still, there is a solution.

Why Are There No Proper Harry Potter Sequels?

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (there; we said it) has been the only attempt at creating an official sequel to the main story, and it’s safe to say that it was a disaster. Fans refuse to even accept its existence, let alone consider it canon, and the piece’s failure scared everyone off from trying to build upon the main Harry Potter story.

If we look at the real problem with The Cursed Child, it becomes apparent where it went wrong: the piece didn’t take fans’ opinions and desires into consideration. The Harry Potter franchise is well past the point of going in random directions to see whether they work; however, it’s totally not past the point of having a great sequel.

When it comes to sequel ideas, fans have spoken ages ago. Yes, we would love a story about the grown-up Golden Trio. No, we wouldn’t want it to be about Voldemort. Yes, we want it to expand the Wizarding World universe. No, we don’t want it to feel like a half-hearted fanfiction written out of poor boredom. That’s it.

The Perfect Harry Potter Sequel: What Is It?

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We all know what happened to Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny after the main story. The boys became Aurors; Hermione became a Ministry worker; and Ginny became a Quidditch star. Now, a movie about sports or bureaucracy won’t work; however, building upon the idea of Harry and Ron’s Auror adventures is worth it.

Imagine a proper spy thriller movie or series set in the Wizarding World (and not revolving around any Dark Lords!). Harry and Ron are field agents doing proper investigations; Hermione covers their backs, fronts, and sides amid Ministry power struggles; and Ginny adds fire and passion to all of it, coming to her boys’ aid, too.

The dynamics between the adult versions of Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione would be interesting to watch; even more so since they now have families. The darker twist on the concept would bring the novelty into the well-familiar Wizarding World setting. The perfect mixture of the old and the new spiced up with raised stakes for all.

The One Problem With the Ultimate Sequel Idea

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Despite us having seen this or a similar sequel idea suggested by many fans and despite us thinking it’s an absolute winner, it has one protagonist-sized hole in it. Any Wizarding World project involving Harry Potter needs, well, Harry Potter. And he can’t be just a random new actor who’d make fans go, “Who the hell is that?”

To make a sequel movie like this, creators would need the original cast on board, including Daniel Radcliffe himself. That’s obviously not happening: both Radcliffe and his co-stars have stated they were done with the Harry Potter franchise many times.

The next best thing would be to invite the grown-up cast of the upcoming Harry Potter TV show by HBO, but that’s quite a long stretch. To do that, the series must succeed and come to a finale first which would take years; and, of course, the lead actors must be not quite as tired of their roles as the movie stars were by the end.

So it’s either Radcliffe or at least a decade of waiting away. The prospects appear rather gloomy, but you know what? A fan can dream…and read fanfiction.