Best MCU Ending Scene is Ridiculously Underrated

Best MCU Ending Scene is Ridiculously Underrated
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with many great movie moments.

Besides some spectacular fight scenes, superhero triumphs, and occasions of great emotion and comedy, there are also some superb movie endings.

Yet out of all of the incredible final scenes, only one is a step above all the rest. And it maybe doesn't quite get the appreciation it deserves.

Why Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has the best ending scene

The sequel to the first Guardians film, Vol.2, has many noteworthy moments throughout the movie, including maybe the best MCU intro scene as well. Mixed with its on-brand style of comedy-action the movie features the group of loveable misfits on their adventures to a soundtrack of 70s hits. Yet, the film ends on a surprisingly poignant theme.

During the team's final battle with Quill's biological dad Ego, his surrogate mentor (and father) Yondu meets an unfortunate end. The final scene sees the rest of the Ravagers come together to pay their respects to him and his sacrifice.

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This may not seem like the most dramatic or comical of ending scenes compared to many of the endings in the MCU, yet it does something none of the other films attempts. After much action, jokes and a little bit of dancing throughout, the movie takes a more serious and emotional turn.

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Unlike other endings, the scene is not trying to finish on a funny gag or a set-up for a sequel. The film concludes with a touching tribute to one of the franchise's most beloved characters and demonstrates the close bond between the Guardians team.

What possibly makes the scene all the more moving, is the interactions between each of the characters throughout. Over the fitting song choice of 'Father and Son' by Cat Stevens, are various expressions of love for each other between the group.

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For example, Kraglin's cheers of joy to see the other Ravagers appear for the funeral. Drax finally gives Mantis a compliment… sort of. Rocket begins to understand his acceptance within the friend group. And there is even a loving embrace between Gamora and Quill. Not to mention the many adorable shots with Baby Groot, who there can never be enough of. Altogether this makes for not only one of the most emotional ending scenes in the MCU but in the whole cinematic universe.

Some surprise cameos

What's more, this final scene has a few surprises that make it even better. Viewers watching for the first time may be shocked to see a few additional cameos. Sylvester Stallone had already appeared earlier in the film as Starhawk, leader of the Ravagers.

Yet during Yondu's funeral scene, the audience is also teased with cameos from an unexpected Michelle Yeoh and Ving Rhames, as fellow Ravager captains. All are teased a second time during the credits moments later in one of the film's many post-credit sequences. Yet their addition to the end of the movie is a nice touch and makes the scene all the more special.

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Considering the amount of care taken within the scene, it's no wonder the film ends so perfectly. Unlike Vol 1 of the Guardians franchise, this film didn't need to be an introduction to the world and characters.

Therefore it works well as a stand-alone movie and presents its final scene as part of a meaningful and well-conceived ending. With the perfect song choice, some emotional moments, and a few surprise cameos, this is why Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 has the very best ending scene of the entire MCU.