Here's What Avengers: Endgame Would've Looked Like if Snyder Directed It

Here's What Avengers: Endgame Would've Looked Like if Snyder Directed It
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When Avengers: Endgame first hit theatres in 2019, there is no doubt it was a cultural phenomenon. A vast critical success, for a time it became the highest-grossing movie ever made.

Of course, this has some wondering how the film would have looked differently under opposing guidance than by the Russo brothers. One fan has answered such a question by releasing their very own fan-made trailer of Zack Snyder's Avengers. And it certainly shows an interesting interpretation of how Endgame could have looked differently under the renowned director.

Using clips, shots, and voiceovers from the original movie, the amateur concept trailer contains much of the unique style of cinematography Zack Snyder is known. Including a much darker tone, many action sequences, and a fair amount of slow-motion effects.

The outcome is something that looks not too dissimilar to the director's other work with the DC Extended Universe. Including Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Wonder Woman, as well as DC's team-up epic Justice League (Snydercut version).

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It's not too hard to imagine Snyder's interpretation of The Avengers, considering he has spent so much time working with their competing cinematic heroes.

This imitated trailer plays over a dramatic ethereal theme and a slight sepia filter. Vastly dissimilar from the usual upbeat format that Marvel often uses. Even the lack of the classic Avengers fanfare is a noticeable difference.

Various fast-paced battle shots bring a sombre tone to the video. Mixed with the various past defeats and some of the most memorable Infinity War moments, the trailer sets up the story as one of struggle and hardship. But with the wise and inspiring words of Iron Man, Black Widow, and finally Cap, the video builds to a heroic end. Finishing with the chilling words of Thanos and some more suspenseful music as it all fades to black.

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It's certainly a trailer fit for an Avengers movie, but not one which bears much resemblance to the original.

Although some fans will argue that Endgame is already a masterpiece that cannot be much improved upon, Snyder has seen a lot of support from his own fans who commend the director's approach to film.

Many DC supporters were disappointed when it was announced Joss Whedon would be replacing him as director for the post-production of Justice League. The final result (which required re-shooting and edits) was very different from Snyder's vision for the film.

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This led to him releasing his own 'Snyder Cut' a few years later, and showed the contrast between the two directors.

Considering Whedon worked on the first Avengers film, Snyder's style is clearly much edgier and darker than Marvel's more relaxed brand. Snyder's re-released Justice League cut performed positively with audiences upon its release, which fans had been eager to see since the release of the original.

For now, this fan-made Endgame concept is the most we can see of Snyder in the MCU.

Although the theme and style seem a little unfamiliar for the Avengers, it reveals an interesting look at a possible darker and grittier Marvel Universe. Comparable to Netflix 's The Defenders Saga. Considering Snyder has a favorable history of adapting Frank Miller's comics to films, such as 300 and some of his Batman stories, maybe he would be a good choice to direct some of Miller's Marvel novels in the future as well.

Miller worked successfully on Daredevil, but the character has yet to receive his own feature film as part of the MCU. Also, Snyder has stated he would be interested in making an Elektra film. Perhaps we will see Snyder in the Marvel universe for real one day. Based on this fake trailer alone, it would certainly be an interesting addition to the franchise.