Henry Cavill Would Be Perfect MCU's Wolverine, and This Fanart Proves It

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The Henry Cavill craze is not likely to go away any time soon.

No sooner had the actor opted out of Netflix's The Witcher series to star as Superman in Man of Steel than he became the talk of the town, reviving speculation about what other superhero roles the ex-Witcher could possibly portray.

If you want to see more of Cavill as a superhero, here's a piece of digital art that's sure to divide Wolverine fans.

Yes, we know it's always been Hugh Jackman who's been the iconic Logan, and no one's going to take Logan away from him, but why not let our imaginations run wild? In an Instagram post, digital artist Apexform showed Henry Cavill as Wolverine with the iconic claws and a scar on his right cheek.

It is not the first time that the Geralt of Rivia actor has been depicted as a superhero. Around the same time – two years ago – another 3D artist, Alexander Lozano, posted a pencil sketch of Henry Cavill as Hercules on Twitter. In the sketch, he has a naked torso with a strap over one shoulder and a belt around his waist. A belt holds what looks like the Golden Mace – Hercules' weapon from the comics.

Henry Cavill is certainly among those who can play literally any superhero, be it Superman, Hercules or Wolverine, but it's Hugh Jackman who will play Logan in the upcoming Deadpool 3, which will hit the big screen in November 2024. Having the Australian actor in the movie has been a long time dream of Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.

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The two recently had a hilarious exchange on Twitter, when Jackman posted a picture of a car damaged in an accident with several deep scratches on the door that looked like they were made by The Wolverine's signature claws.

"My aim may be a little off right now. But trust, it will be on point when the need arises," he joked, hinting that he has to work hard for his role. The tweet was spotted by Ryan Reynolds, who joked back "That's my Kia Sorento, you d**k," and Jackman told him to relax with "some cat-cow poses."

Fans are divided on whether Cavill could play Wolverine. Some say the actor is too handsome to play Logan, others argue that despite his height and looks, Cavill just isn't the guy they think of when they think "rough around the edges" or "brutal. But others are okay with it, and say that the one who was the perfect witcher would make the perfect Logan.

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Whatever happens next, we love Henry anyway.

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