Better Than Acting: 3 Movie Scenes You Didn't Know Were Not Staged

Better Than Acting: 3 Movie Scenes You Didn't Know Were Not Staged
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Sometimes real life is even better than paid actors.

Jake Gyllenhaal 's recent high-profile appearance at the UFC event to film scenes for Doug Liman's new movie Road House has us wondering what other scenes from the movies were not staged that we didn't even know about.

Bad Grandpa

Jackass on MTV once became a hit – a group of crazy guys performed dangerous stunts and filmed it all on camera.

One of them, Johnny Knoxville, regularly dressed up as an alcoholic grandfather and staged shocking antics that caused passers-by to seethe with rage.

As a result, the creators have decided to turn the successful series into a full-length feature film.

The plot was simple: Grandpa Zisman travels across America with his young grandson Billy, drawing him into adventures and shocking the public with his anti-social behavior.

Zisman played his role in front of ordinary people who, at the time of filming, had no idea they would be part of the movie.

Of course, after the shooting of the scenes, the director received receipts from passers-by that they had agreed to be in the movie.

District 9

District 9, which became director Neill Blomkamp's springboard to Hollywood, also featured scenes with unsuspecting people.

The plot of the movie is that aliens arrived in South Africa, their ship broke down, and now they live on the outskirts of Johannesburg, hunting for muggers, and the locals dream that they fly back as soon as possible.

The director had an extremely tight budget and couldn't afford to hire many actors at the time of filming.

So Neill came up with a controversial yet clever move: he pretended to be an interviewer and asked people on the streets what they thought of the Zimbabwean refugees.

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Naturally, some people were not shy with words, and Neal just had to pick the some of the strongest expressions and leave out the mention of nationality.

And so it happened, as if the people were expressing their dissatisfaction with the neighborhood of the space shrimps.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

The Battle of Helm's Deep remains one of the most epic battles in film history. Thousands of extras took part in the filming, but the sounds of the battle came from the most unexpected sources.

The cricket match between New Zealand and England was nothing special except that Peter Jackson was there.

During an innings break, the director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy made his way onto the field and stood with a microphone in his hand, instructing the audience to shout and growl.

It was these sounds that were later used in the Battle of Helm's Deep.