Big Bang Theory's Missed Opportunity: Inside the Second Spinoff that Almost Was

Big Bang Theory's Missed Opportunity: Inside the Second Spinoff that Almost Was
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Young Sheldon has transformed into a smash hit as a spinoff of The Big Bang Theory. For this reason, fans often question why Chuck Lorre – the co-creator of The Big Bang Theory, hasn't pursued other subject matter related to one of the most popular TV comedy sitcoms of all time.

Lorre was once confronted about making another spinoff in addition to Young Sheldon. However, despite the green light from CBS, he was reluctant to pursue another series related to The Big Bang Theory. The explanation?

Lorre simply felt like there wasn't enough of a creative reason for spawning another show.

In fact, Lorre acknowledges that CBS was extremely vocal about making another spinoff thanks to the success of Young Sheldon. Nonetheless, he was opposed to the concept because he believed CBS was pressuring a return more for the sake of making money than delivering high-quality entertainment.

"Unless there was a creative reason to [make a spinoff] — a wonderfully, wonderfully creative reason to do it — than the only reason [to do it] is economics, and that's not good enough," he told TVLine. "This is hard work. And if you're going to do it, you gotta love what you're doing; you've gotta be passionate about it. And if you're just chasing money, that's not enough."

It seems like Lorre knows what he is talking about. He's not only been successful with The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon but once made the famous decision of axing Charlie Sheen from Two and a Half Men. Furthermore, he advocated for Jon Cryer when the network threatened to remove the actor from the show.

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Lorre also resurrected The Big Bang Theory from a rough start admitting it took some time for the show to "find its voice." In the past, his judgment has usually been the right choice.

Be that as it may, fans obsessed with The Big Bang Theory may feel dejected that Lorre turned down the opportunity for another spinoff. Everything he touches is usually gold for CBS which makes sense why the network was pressing for more content. In the end, fans have to settle with Young Sheldon, which has been another tremendous success.

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Interestingly enough, Lorre revealed that Jim Parsons was initially opposed to the series believing that Young Sheldon would take the direction of other spinoffs, sometimes regarded in the industry as cheap gimmicks. However, Lorre was able to convince Parsons and sway his skepticism. Six years and six seasons later, Parsons now agrees with the decision. He notes that Young Sheldon has transformed into a successful show along with a fantastic origin story for the character.