Bizarre Agatha Harkness Moment Moment in 'WandaVision' You Definitely Missed

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Is it magic? Is it a continuity error? You can never be sure.

'WandaVision' was a very disturbing show that actually tried to mess with our minds, but it also looks like it aged very well. With fans apparently craving more Wanda Maximoff content after seeing 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness', they headed to re-watch 'WandaVision' – only to spot something previously unnoticed.

Particularly, one fan took to Twitter to recall the scene where Wanda dooms Agatha Harkness to stay in Westview forever, playing the role of the nosy neighbor Agnes. Then she turns around to comfort her family, but you know who is absent in the background?

Right, no Agatha where she should be. Just where did she go?

A continuity error, one might say. Wanda is blocking her from the frame, another will argue. Whether it was magic or a mistake, it certainly did trigger some discussions.

One of the versions does sound logical, we have to admit.

The mysterious disappearance of Agatha in the shot sparks particular curiosity given that the evil witch is due to land her solo show on Disney Plus very soon. Harkness turned out to gain love from fans following 'WandaVision', not least due to her bop 'Agatha All Along' that ended up conquering music charts on streaming services.

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