Bizarre Nickname Robert Pattinson Totally Hated: "Sounds Like an Antacid Tablet'

Bizarre Nickname Robert Pattinson Totally Hated:
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As much as Pattinson tries to avoid nicknames, they have haunted him throughout his career.


  • Robert Pattinson has gained a lot of fame and fan love over the years of his acting career.
  • Fans love to give him ridiculous nicknames, but he disliked one so much that he compared it to an 'antacid tablet.'
  • However, the same nickname was reinterpreted into a new one influenced by his role in The Batman.

Fans love to give their famous idols goofy but memorable nicknames. We all know that fans call Ariana Grande the cute Ari, Taylor Swift is known to Swifties as Tay Tay and T-Swizzle as well as the ardent The music industry, and Jennifer Lopez will never stop being referred to as J.Lo. And while some celebrities embrace the monikers given to them by their admirers, others try to avoid them whenever possible. Everyone's favorite Robert Pattinson, for example, absolutely hates having his name twisted.

Over the course of his nearly 20-year acting career, Pattinson has been called some very quirky nicknames. For example, J.Lo herself called him the cute and friendly 'Bobby,' according to their 2019 Actors on Actors interview for Variety And when it was revealed that the actor would be starring in Matt Reeves' new iteration of Batman, DC fans dubbed his version of the superhero (and thus the actor himself) the ridiculous but rather hilarious 'Battinson,' which has become a meme in its own right.

But Pattinson has another nickname that fans gave him during the production of the Twilight movies, and it was the one he most despised.

Pattinson Dislikes One of the Most Popular Nicknames Given by Fans and Press

After his incredibly memorable, despite its small screen time, and definitely one of the most tragic roles as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and his appearance in the 2008 pop culture phenomenon Twilight, Robert Pattinson became one of the most recognizable young actors on the British and American film scene, literally hounded by fans and journalists alike. But public attention was far from the main downside of his sudden fame. It turned out to be the nickname 'RPatz', a fan-made portmanteau of his first and last name, similar to J.Lo.

The actor shared his dislike and even misunderstanding of such a trend with Today in 2012 before the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

'I don't understand what the nickname culture is,' he shared. 'If I could figure out a way to get rid of that, it'd be amazing. It does sound like an antacid table.' Ah, if Robert had known then that it was just a pure and innocent expression of fan love!

The Nickname Haunts Him to This Day

However, Pattinson's feelings are quite understandable, as fans and journalists still remember this nickname to this day. In fact, before the premiere of The Batman, another ridiculous nickname appeared in addition to Battinson, combining his new role with his old 'RPatz' - 'RBatz'.

When asked by Entertainment Tonight if he preferred 'Battinson' or 'RBatz', he said he wasn't happy with either option.

'Oh god. I don't know… I'm trying to avoid… avoiding nicknames.'

The actor was confronted with a similar question during an interview on BBC Radio 1. When asked what he thought of his latest nickname, 'RBatz', Robert replied that as soon as he gets rid of a nickname, the fans suddenly come up with a new one.

'I literally get away from one [nickname] and then immediately another one is born [laughs],' the actor replied.

The interviewer then jokingly mentioned that the options were much better than, say, 'Pat-Man', to which Pattinson agreed, recalling that he was called that way in his school days.

'It is, that's what I was called in school... Cow Pat [laughs].'

Well, dear friends, apparently we should not bother such a talented, versatile and, above all, modest actor with silly playful monikers, as he does not like them very much! However, after his latest voice role as Heron in Hayao Miyazaki 's latest film, The Boy and the Heron, it's hard to resist calling Robert Pattinson 'RDubz'.

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