'Black Bird' Could Have Worked Even Better as a Movie, Fans Argue

'Black Bird' Could Have Worked Even Better as a Movie, Fans Argue
Image credit: Legion-Media

Sometimes you don't need six hour-long episodes to create a compelling story.

Despite a massive amount of fan love that Apple TV miniseries 'Black Bird ' receives, there is a hot take from some people: the show would have done a lot better as a movie.

Don't get us wrong: this is nothing like the criticism that 'Obi-Wan Kenobi ' faced from 'Star Wars ' fans, for instance. People are perfectly fine with how 'Black Bird' is going: even now that the show is just one episode away from the finale, fans trust it with the ending, believing that the writers will get it right.

However, as put by one fan on Reddit, everything aside from "the god-tier acting by Egerton and Hauser" just feels "slow and somewhat superfluous".

"I'm not sure why the producers and Lehane didn't just opt for a film. A cinematic release can still be a real event and can generate more buzz," the fan continued.

But it doesn't look like everyone appears to agree with the sentiment. Many fans defended the decision to release 'Black Bird' as a miniseries, not a movie, arguing that the show is doing pretty well when it comes to writing and making sure that the story is not stretched or rushed.

"I think it's good in its format. If it were a movie, there won't be much character development which is solely the theme of the movie itself," another fan argued.

Some fans suggested that there might be a big surprise waiting ahead regarding 'Black Bird' season 2 – if the show is greenlit for one, of course.

The crime drama limited series premiered on AppleTV on July 8.