Bloody Toy Story: 5 Horrors About Dolls That Won't Let You Sleep At Night

Bloody Toy Story: 5 Horrors About Dolls That Won't Let You Sleep At Night
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After watching these movies, you may have doubts about whether your dolls are just dolls.

Doll movies are one of horror's oldest subgenres, and like any classic, they will probably never become obsolete.

Annabelle, Brahms, and other diabolical puppets still do a great job of scaring children and adults alike.

1. Dolls, 1986

After making a strong debut with the horror comedy Re-Animator, Stuart Gordon signed a contract for two more horror movies. The first was another adaptation of Lovecraft's From Beyond, the second was a scary tale about dolls. Both failed at the box office, but immediately gained cult status among horror movie fans.

Today, Dolls is only remembered by hardcore fans of the genre, but it was this movie that once anticipated the fashion for killer doll movies.

2. Annabelle, 2014

Annabelle is a spin-off of The Conjuring, produced by James Wan. Just like the horror about demonologists, this movie was inspired by real events: half a century ago, a bunch of people were scared to death by a supposedly possessed doll.

At first, Wan did not plan to dedicate a separate movie to the devilish doll. But after the premiere of the first The Conjuring, copies of Annabelle dolls became a best-seller, and topped lists of the most terrifying puppet, eventually getting its own trilogy.

3. Dead Silence, 2007

The ventriloquist doll is a popular image in many horror movies. As a fan of such horror stories, James Wan strives to make devil dummies the main villains of almost every project.

According to the story, one day someone leaves a package at Jamie and Lisa's door. When the couple opens the package, they find a creepy ventriloquist dummy inside. Soon, someone brutally kills Lisa, and Jamie, who is the prime suspect, decides to find out what happened on his own.

4. The Boy, 2016

Greta Evans arrives in the remote English outback to work as a nanny in a wealthy mansion. There, the boy she is supposed to be babysitting turns out to be a creepy doll named Brahms.
This horror does not scare with screamers, but with a dark atmosphere and suspense. And although the history of cinema has seen many creepy dolls, Brahms managed to surprise the audience.

5. May, 2002

A girl named May is ashamed of her appearance, which makes it difficult for her to make friends. The only friend she has is a doll her mother gave her.

Director Lucky McKee managed to make an interesting horror movie at the intersection of different genres on a shoestring budget. It is a thriller, a black comedy and a drama about a lonely girl all at the same time.