Blue Bloods Made Tom Selleck Insanely Rich: Here's How Much He's Worth in 2024

Blue Bloods Made Tom Selleck Insanely Rich: Here's How Much He's Worth in 2024
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Tom Selleck has been in Hollywood for over 50 years. But how much did Blue Bloods contribute to his net worth?


  • Tom Selleck is known for many roles including Thomas Magnum in Magnum, P.I. and Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods.
  • Selleck is the highest paid actor in a police procedural on CBS.
  • Even with the 25% pay cut, his salary for Season 14 must be quite impressive, giving him an equally impressive net worth.

Despite the long wait caused by last year's Hollywood labor disputes, we are already halfway through Season 14A of Blue Bloods. The story of the Reagan family, involved in New York City law enforcement for generations, is slowly but surely coming to an end after 13 full years (to be exact, Blue Bloods will have been on the air for 14 years when the second half of the new season begins).

All these years have been precious not only to us, the regular viewers, but also to the cast and crew members. And of course, an incredibly important part of the career and life of Hollywood legend Tom Selleck was the role of Commissioner Frank Reagan. It is not yet known if there will be something beyond the fourteenth season of Blue Bloods and if Selleck will be involved, but it is too early to say goodbye to the series and the old Commish.

Well, until then, let's find out how much money the iconic police procedural has brought in for Tom Selleck.

A Legendary Actor's Wealth of Experience

Tom Selleck's film and television career spans fifty-five years, which means that the role of Frank Reagan occupies 1/5 of his career during that colossal period. And yet, both his status as a legendary actor and his impressive net worth were earned long before Blue Bloods.

Tom Selleck became interested in acting during his time at the University of Southern California, but soon dropped out to pursue a acting career and then studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse under legendary director, producer and acting coach Milton Katselas, who himself trained under Elia Kazan and Lee Strasberg.

Sellek is perhaps best known as Thomas Magnum in the television series Magnum, P.I., for which he won an Emmy in 1984. There was even a moment when Selleck was invited to play Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but he turned it down in favor of the cult crime drama on CBS. It ended up earning him an impressive income, as he reportedly made $4.8 million per season (eight in total).

The Highest Paid Actor on Blue Bloods

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tom Selleck's wealth is currently estimated at an impressive $45 million, and of course, it's not just Magnum, P.I., but Blue Bloods as well.

Thanks to his central (and incredibly powerful) role, cult status and popularity, Selleck is the highest paid actor on the show. His pay per episode was around $200,000, which works out to $4.4 million per season, considering most seasons had 22 episodes. However, as many fans probably know, in order for Season 14 to see the light of day and for the crew members to get the paychecks they deserved, the cast, including Selleck himself, agreed to take a 25% pay cut. In other words, his paycheck last season was about $150,000 per episode and $2.7 million for all 18 episodes. And that's not counting all the bonuses and residuals from reruns and syndicated broadcasts, which are undisclosed but sure to be impressive!

In the meantime, look for another great performance from the legendary actor as Commissioner Frank Reagan in upcoming episodes of Blue Bloods. The next episode, titled 'Shadowland', airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on CBS and tomorrow on Paramount+.

In addition, the midseason finale will air on May 17. The second half of the fourteenth season is scheduled for the fall of 2024.

Source: Celebrity Net Worth.