Blue Bloods' Tom Selleck Lives with Constant Pain due to Health Issues, Uses Stunt Doubles for the Show

Blue Bloods' Tom Selleck Lives with Constant Pain due to Health Issues, Uses Stunt Doubles for the Show
Image credit: CBS

Sources report that Selleck is going through a severe health crisis.

Tom Selleck is one of the most acclaimed and beloved TV actors of his generation, known to many for his roles in Magnum P.I., Blue Bloods, Boston Legal, and even Friends, where he played one of Monica's boyfriends. It doesn't really matter what kind of TV you like — Selleck has likely been there, done that. He is a true professional with a plethora of roles under his belt.

Right now, Selleck's primary project is CBS' Blue Bloods, a popular crime drama where he plays Frank Reagan, the head of a big cop family and acting Commissioner. The actor adores his character, his colleagues, and the project, and has been doing everything in his power to keep the show running even after its gradual decline in viewership.

But admittedly, Tom Selleck goes through a lot more than just agreeing to 25% pay cuts to save the show. As RadarOnline's sources claim, the legendary actor is dealing with a severe health crisis that keeps him in constant pain and even has to use stunt doubles for simple scenes to make sure the episodes are being produced.

"Tom's in a lot of pain and agony. [He's] gutting it out, but it's obviously affecting him. He's been to doctors and has learned techniques to alleviate the pain, but it's a disease that isn't going to go away; he's learning to adjust to it as best as he can," a source close to Selleck shared.

According to the insider, the health issue that's tormenting the actor is arthritis, and that problem cannot be easily cured. Knowing that he won't be able to get rid of the pain, Selleck keeps showing up to work for the sake of the show and the audience.

"Tom's days as the car-jumping, scuba-diving action star are a thing of the past. Like most stars, there's a stunt double for dangerous action shots, but Tom even uses the guy for simple scenes, like getting out of his police car. His arthritis bothers him more some days than others," the source explained.

While the actor's representatives deny that Selleck is dealing with a health crisis, fans are extremely worried for him. If the source is right, Tom goes through immense pain every day to make sure that Blue Bloods keeps going, but such sacrifices come at a price we wouldn't want this great man to pay.

Source: RadarOnline