Bradley Cooper’s Latest Interview Hits the Tip of the Yikesberg

Bradley Cooper’s Latest Interview Hits the Tip of the Yikesberg
Image credit: Legion-Media, Netflix

Maestro, the actor’s last project, may have taken not only viewers’ hearts, but Cooper’s own mind.


  • Bradley Cooper starred in his own movie Maestro, playing Leonard Bernstein.
  • He gave a problematic over-the-top interview with the presence of Bernstein’s children, which made the internet ashamed of him.

Sometimes actors dedicate themselves to their characters so much that the line between their real personalities and the traits of their roles begin to blur. Presumably, the same has happened with Bradley Cooper in the course of his once-in-a-lifetime project Maestro, a story about an outstanding composer and pianist, Leonard Bernstein.

The acclaimed actor is known for his thorough transformations into his characters, including his memorable Oscar-nominated performance in A Star Is Born (2018), also directed by his own.

The production of Cooper’s latest movie took six long years and all these years he was gradually diving deeper into Bernstein’s lore and the understanding of the genius’ mind. It could not pass without a trace left in the actor’s own mental well-being, and it’s reflected in one of his latest interviews for CBS Sunday Morning.

Surrounded by Bernstein's children, Nina, Alexander, and Jamie, Cooper is asked if he misses Bernstein and he responds positively, almost crying at the same time.

“We, the four of us, shared something very special,” he says in an awkward manner, literally joining his character’s real children.

We should keep in mind that Cooper had no opportunity to meet Bernstein himself as the composer died in 1990 from a heart attack.

Even though the actor’s performance is, undoubtedly, brilliant and worth an Oscar (at least, in the received nominations), his above-mentioned words or his confession that he has “never experienced anything like it in my [Cooper’s] life” seem somewhat over the top and leave fans backlash. The Internet users considered his speech kind of cringe:

“...the audacity to do this in front of Bernstein’s children . There should be a mass study made on how celebrities lose complete grip of reality when they’ve been famous too long,” Redditor @Beginning-March2339 commented.

The user @HistoryFreak30 also drew a relevant parallel between Bradley Cooper’s current obsession with Bernstein and Austin Butler ’s campaign for Elvis ( 2023), when the actor was similarly way too cringe constantly emphasizing his dedication for the role of the singer and even claiming he couldn’t get rid of his Elvis voice.

Time will tell how long Cooper can take advantage of his Maestro image or it’ll end as soon as the Oscars unwrap on March 10.

Sources: CBS, Reddit