Britney Spears to Roll Out Tell-All Memoir

Britney Spears to Roll Out Tell-All Memoir
Image credit: Legion-Media

Britney has had some tough time, we should give her that. Now that she's free of her father's abusive conservatorship, she definitely has something to say.

Britney Spears took to social media to reveal in a since-deleted Instagram post that she is not just a pop queen and a fighter, but also a writer now.

The singer has started writing her tell-all memoir, apparently following the lead of her relatives who felt the urge to explain themselves when the family scandal stole media headlines.

Britney did not reveal the release date, but the news itself has caused waves online.

And, as it often happens, there are two teams already. Team one will read the book and support Spears.

And the other team "won't be reading", but arrived on Twitter nonetheless just to let everyone know their intention is to ignore the book.

Others have some pre-conditions.

Britney has been engaged in online squabble with her relatives, particularly her sister Jamie Lynn, for quite some time now. Britney accuses her sister of abandoning her in time of need; Jamie Lynn, in turn, denies it and offers her own book with her own view. Seems like the only way to pick a side is – you guessed it – to buy the books!