Brutal Anakin Fighting Scene That Was a Crime to Delete From Star Wars

Brutal Anakin Fighting Scene That Was a Crime to Delete From Star Wars
Image credit: globallookpress

This one is for you, all the Star Wars geeks out there who just can't get enough of light saber duels.

Because we know that you are many, and your pleas have been heard by the Galaxy itself, as a couple of videos resurfaced that allow you to see how famous duel between Anakin and Dooku in Revenge Of The Sith was filmed.

You know, up close and personal.

Not only those videos show the insanity of Hayden Christensen 's talent and devotion to deliver his absolute best in the fight scenes, it also emphasizes how much we lost not seeing more of the whole Dooku scene in the movie.

This newly found footage shows more or less what would the scene have looked like had it made the final cut. What we got to see in 2005's movie was not the whole thing and it's such a shame.

"Hayden doing all the lightsaber stunt work speaks volumes about him. He was extremely involved in the formation of Anakin's fighting style and did almost all the stunt work himself," Redditor GusGangViking18 notes.

The choreography videos show Hayden's Anakin fight versus Count Dooku against a blue backdrop that would later become filled with CGI.

Since nothing distracts the viewer from the fight scene here, it's a pure joy to see the duel in its smallest details. From Anakin's signature move of holding the light saber basically upside down, to Dooku getting his eye burned.

If you think it's a loss that those battle scenes didn't made the final cut, at least Reddit is out there with you.

Fans lament "what an unnecessary missed opportunity" that was, not to use these beautifully choreographed stunts in the movie.

The accolades for the outstanding work by Hayden Christensen just add to the disappointment. "All lightsaber battles should be used," as fans put it.

Now fans might find at least some kind of solace while watching the unused choreography footage from the prequels.