Build Your Own: Here Are Best Pitches From Fans Craving Another Spider-Man Movie

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When studios are dodging your campaigns to make another live-action Spider-Man movie… just build your own.

Fans went crazy on Twitter when Fandom offered a constructor for another Spider-Man movie that suggests coming up with your own title, main actor for Spider-Man, his love interest, villain, and director.

The omnipotent power of fan imagination has brought the concepts you might never think about when it comes to Spider-Man, but be warned: you might get yourself a new headcanon.

After 'No Way Home' depression, how about a brand new day?

Or maybe let's just stick with the "home-something" pattern for the titles.

Someone has illustrated their pitch with a fan cast.

And then things went dark. A noir version of Spider-Man created by Zack Snyder, anyone?

Let's finally introduce Miles Morales to the MCU.

However, there's a fan favorite in the thread. Record box office guaranteed.

It seems that neither Sony nor Marvel will run out of fans' ideas for a new live-action Spider-Man movie. Aside from the pitches rolled out in the thread, the studio is still being begged to give Andrew Garfield's Spidey the third movie and bring back Tobey Maguire's web-slinger in a fourth movie directed by Sam Raimi.

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