Calle's Supergirl Set to Replace Caville's Superman, and It's a No From Fans

Image credit: Legion-Media

The DC Extended Universe is going through major changes, and it seems that these changes are set to affect even the iconic characters.

Newly-cast Sasha Calle is set to take over the Superman mantle from Henry Cavill’s character, according to Screen Geek.

Her version of Supergirl will be the DCEU’s last Krypton survivor, with Cavill's Superman killed by the Kryptonian villain Zod as a baby. The news prompted theories that it looks like the end of Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU, even though the future of the characters in the rebooted timeline remains to be seen.

But the fans are not ready to accept that.

Seems like there is a huge gap between the studio’s plans for the DCEU and what fans want.

Some people are already asking Marvel to snatch Cavill for the MCU.

Sasha Calle is set to appear in the upcoming movie ‘The Flash’ alongside Michael Keaton’s Batman, with the film slated to explore the possibilities of alternate timelines.

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