Can Brie Larson Really Sing?

Can Brie Larson Really Sing?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Rumor has it, she might need that skill in 'The Marvels'.

With the upcoming 2023 Captain Marvel comeback in 'The Marvels ' rumored to be partially a musical, it raises a question of how equipped Carol Danvers will be for it.

Reports that 'The Marvels' will feature the trio of Captain Marvel, Photon, and Ms. Marvel on a planet where everyone sings instead of talking emerged over the week

Luckily for the character, Brie Larson does sing very well. In fact, you might remember that from the iconic movie 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World', where Larson is rocking a no less iconic song 'Black Sheep' by Metric.

But you would be very wrong to think that her musical aspirations only end with the 'Black Sheep' cover. In fact, Brie boasts a studio album titled 'Finally Out of P.E.', for which she even co-wrote several songs. At the beginning of her career, Larson toured with singer Jesse McCartney, and sometimes performed separately. Still, her album did not receive great success.

Before recording the album in 2005, Larson was signed up on the label Casablanca Records; notably, the only two artists signed up at the time were her and Lindsay Lohan.

When she later lost several key roles, particularly those in 'Thirteen' and 'Juno', Larson even used to work as a club DJ.

However, a big breakthrough was still ahead for her: now, Brie portrays one of the major superheroines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having recently appeared in 'Ms. Marvel' for a quick post-credit scene cameo, Larson's Carol Danvers is set to return to big screens in July 2023, accompanied by Iman Vellani 's Ms. Marvel and Teyonah Parris' Photon.

So, a musical, you say? With Brie Larson in the lead, these three will certainly be ready to rock it.

'The Marvels' premiere is scheduled for July 28, 2023.