Can Elliot Page Replace Ezra Miller In 'The Flash'? Here's What Reddit Thinks

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As the controversy surrounding Ezra Miller continues to vex Warner Bros., some think it would be a great idea to recast him with Elliott Page. But what do real DCEU fans think about this?

All accusations of sexual misconduct and grooming aside, Ezra Miller did fine as the weird kid with superpowers, and before all this controversy, DC fans loved him dearly. Of course, now that all the bad stuff he did has been exposed, people in the community can't stand to see him rub shoulders with Jason Momoa or Ben Affleck, wishing his 'The Flash' movie would either be delayed or remade. But is Elliot Page really the perfect choice to replace Miller?

Discussing this potential casting on Reddit, many fans were very much against this idea, put forward by some prominent members of the press a couple of days ago. People believe that Miller's talent lies not only in his acting ability, but also in his muscular appearance, something that Page certainly lacks.

"No offense to Elliot – he's awesome in umbrella academy and I generally like his stuff, but The Flash has always been a cocky tall blonde dude who is built like a truck with very low body fat. Elliot is far too slender." – /Siellus.

Moreover, many believe that despite Page's undeniable resemblance to Miller, it is the other 'Umbrella Academy' actor who should play the role of Barry Allen if Warner Bros. decides to recast.

"There's already a better option on Umbrella Academy alone. Robert Sheehan who plays Klaus does a better Ezra Miller Flash than Ezra Miller. I think he also looks more like Ezra than Elliot Page does." – /asdurden.

And it looks like one of the prominent 'Stranger Things' actors could've gotten a shot at the role of Flash if the DCEU were run by fans and not producers.

"I'd like to see Joseph Quinn who plays Eddie on latest season of Stranger Things. I thought he was a great actor and is both quirky and funny and pulls of the heroic side too." – /HereticPharaoh2020.

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