Can Greg Berlanti Save DCEU?

Can Greg Berlanti Save DCEU?
Image credit: Legion-Media

After it was revealed that Warner Bros. is desperately trying to find its own Kevin Feige to lead the DC universe, many fans found Greg Berlanti to be the most suitable candidate for the job.

The creator of CW's Arrowverse does sound like the perfect man for the position – TV shows he created are known for their high viewership figures. However, there are certain problems with his approach to filmmaking – Berlanti is notoriously old-fashioned, with his series like 'Arrow' and 'The Flash ' running for staggering 20+ episodes each season. He utilizes idea of putting quantity first, not quality.

With great producers and writers, though, he can definitely get the DC movies up and running. But will fans accept it?

As DCEU Future Remains Unclear, Fans Wonder Who Could Become "DC's Kevin Feige"

Many recognize Berlanti's strengths as a great TV creator, yet he doesn't seem like such an interesting choice for high-budget feature films with big-name stars. Why hire a TV professional, if you can find someone with more experience in Hollywood?

Of course, Warner Bros. has yet to decide who will lead the DC Universe in the coming years, but Berlanti clearly has a lot of support among fans, having proven his ability to create compelling comic book-based content.