Can 'Morbius' Get a Sequel Just Because of Meme Culture?

Can 'Morbius' Get a Sequel Just Because of Meme Culture?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Is it really "morbin' time" now?

The Internet community has largely agreed that Sony's take on the story of Doctor Michael Morbius was not the studio's best shot. It was reflected in the movie's modest box office, as well as the online movement to mock 'Morbius' – and the latter now seems to be slightly out of control.

For well over a week, things like "It's morbin' time", "morbillion dollars", "Morbius 2" and a handful of other Morbius-themed hashtags have been trending on Twitter. All but hailed for its cinematic success, 'Morbius' appeared to have become an absolute hit when it comes to meme culture and ironic appreciation, and it looks like it can now give 'Morbius' a sequel.

Be careful what you joke about.

As if the Internet was ever careful about that.

Well, basically Sony doesn't even have to spend that much money on production – it can be just fans pitching their ideas on Twitter.

Still, when it comes to 'Morbius', one needs to be extremely careful about, say, fake news that a sequel has already been greenlit. No matter how viral such posts get, it's not true... even though the fact that there is no sequel in the works now does not mean that Sony will never make 'Morbius 2'.

Which looks like something the Internet ironically craves.