Can This Hated 'The Boys' Character Be Redeemed?

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With the show's roster of characters almost entirely made up of questionable personalities, one character stands out as the most hated.

Amazon Prime's series about superheroes being naughty was never really a showcase of people treating each other good, with even the show's main protagonist Billy Butcher doing some really heinous things. The honor of being the most hated character in 'The Boys' certainly goes from one character to the next, with Deep, Stormfront, and Homelander leading the way for the last three seasons. One character, however, has always remained at the top, despite some signs of possible reformation – A-Train.

In a thread on Reddit fans decided to take a closer look at A-Train, trying to figure out why he is much more hated than the decidedly more horrific Homelander. First of all, the whole story of the series began with a stoned A-Train running over Hughie's girlfriend, killing her in the process. This is something not all fans can forget. And second, Homelander and Stormfront are villains in their purest form, but A-Train is certainly capable of fixing his views of the world.

"The problem with them is they only wanna get better when they are low. They go back to their toxic selves when they get the high life back, though A-Train has family who got hurt so maybe he will actually change…assuming he doesn’t make things worse." – /Crimision.

If compared to Deep, who went through a real redemption arc that made many fans love him more, A-Train doesn't stand a chance, with his ridiculous antics and obnoxious personality making most viewers wish he were dead.

"I think A-Train is worse than The Deep. Yes the Deep has done some awful stuff and doesn’t deserve what power he has, but he is a victim of his situation and needs to do everything he can to be an awful person or else lose everything again. A-Train is just sucking up to homelander out of jealousy and greed and taking advantage of his situation to maintain his power rather than actually trying to make an impact." – /CatoTheCoolCat.

The upcoming race between A-Train and the Blue Hawk could be the reason for fans to finally love A-Train a bit more, as the recently introduced Blue Hawk is already hated by almost everyone for being overly racist.

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