Cannes Festival Will Feature Mysterious New Film by David Lynch, And Fans Are Hyped

Image credit: Legion-Media

Looks like someone is really good at keeping secrets.

An out-of-the-blue David Lynch feature film starring Laura Dern and other unspecified Lynch regulars is expected to premiere at Cannes Festival, according to Variety.

Little is known about the movie, and even the fact that there is a Lynch film to premiere turns out to be a surprise, as the director somehow managed to keep it low while filming.

Now that Variety appears to have spoiled a surprise, fans can't wait to know more about the movie.

It turns out that someone has even predicted this on Twitter.

David Lynch has had a long hiatus when it comes to feature films. His most recent one dates back to 2006 – it is ‘Inland Empire’ starring Laura Dern, who portrays a Hollywood actress who begins to take on the personality of her character during what seems to be a cursed film production. However, Lynch has had quite a productive time with TV series, having directed shows like 'Today's Number Is...', 'What Is David Working on Today?' and, of course, the iconic TV series 'Twin Peaks'.

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