Career Savers: 19 Movies That Pulled Great Stars Back From the Brink

Career Savers: 19 Movies That Pulled Great Stars Back From the Brink
Image credit: Legion-Media

Sometimes a solid start to an acting career can prove to be a curse for Hollywood performers, as amidst their box office success and award nominations, people simply grow tired of them and move on to cheer on another newcomer.

And while actors who fall from the A-list to B-movies rarely come back to the top, some of the industry's biggest stars have actually managed to bounce back, all with the help of a good movie that reignited fans' interest in them.

Here are 19 films that saved actors' careers:

Yes, it's hard to comprehend that such massively popular stars as Robert Downey Jr, Matthew McConaughey and Robert DeNiro were all on the verge of falling from grace at one point or another, starring almost exclusively in movies that no one really cared about.

However, their wonderful early careers convinced the directors that they deserved a second chance, and they didn't fail to capitalize, turning their careers around and rejoining the ranks of the A-listers.

While it's commendable for people like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise to stay relevant, never disappearing from the public eye and commanding the attention of critics and fans alike, it's still a little more enjoyable to root for the underdogs who have managed to overcome the odds and make it back to the top.