Carter Is Set on Becoming Bold and Beautiful's Most Hated Character

Carter Is Set on Becoming Bold and Beautiful's Most Hated Character
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There's no shortage of questionable decisions on The Bold and The Beautiful, but Carter is seriously off the mark now.

Here are some of the things we can forgive if you're a character on The Bold and The Beautiful:

  • Falling in love with a mannequin (Thomas had a brain tumour, you guys!)
  • Having a passionate love affair with your half-brother's mom (Liam had amnesia, you guys!)
  • Sleeping with your daughter's boyfriend (it was a masquerade ball, it could have happened to anyone!)
  • Kidnapping your sister's ex-husband's new wife, tying her to a chair, drenching her in honey, and siccing a grizzly bear on her (who hasn't?)

We can also forgive characters for cheating on each other, bouncing between love interests, and running out on their spouses as though the state of matrimony is a hornet's nest that's been set on fire.

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But look Carter – there are rules here. You've got to be torn between two women, preferably for decades at a time. You can't just run around having affairs with everyone. Where's your integrity? Have you gotten a brain tumor, a head injury, or been possessed by the ancient spirit of a sex demon? (That last one is my pitch for next season. Please hire me for your writer's room, B&B. I want it so bad.)

As it is, Carter is on track to be B&B's most hated character.

In the last few months alone, he's hooked up with Zoe, Quinn, Paris, and Katie. We thought Carter and Quinn were going to be the endgame (or as close as we ever get on soaps), but then Rena Sofer left the show. Now Carter's got it going on with Katie, but fans are feeling betrayed about the quick turnover and lack of coherent send-off.

When exactly did Carter and Quinn split up? Was it when I blinked that one time? And when did he suddenly get over Quinn and fall deeply in love with Katie? During a commercial break?

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It's not as though subtlety or fidelity are hallmarks of soap-opera characters, but it's hard to feel invested in Carter or any of his relationships when they happen without even a hint of slow-burn. It's also difficult to root for a character when his motivations seem as changeable as his bed partners – we're told he broke up with Quinn because she didn't want a family, but Katie's not exactly looking to be barefoot and pregnant right now.

We want to root for Carter, but in defiance of all soap-opera logic, he needs to slow it down with the womanizing. Maybe he should consider taking up pottery. Or getting into a legal throwdown. Or… hear me out on this… I have this idea about the ancient spirit of a sex demon…