Cavill's Official Exit as Superman Digs DCU "Grave" Even Deeper

Cavill's Official Exit as Superman Digs DCU
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Being a DC fan is as painful as it has been for the past couple of years.

Just weeks after returning as DC's Superman, Henry Cavill had to break the spell and confirm that he will not, after all, be coming back as James Gunn and Peter Safran are rebooting the DC universe.

To say that the news was devastating for Cavill fans would be nothing. Twitter threads have exploded with outrage and frustration amid Cavill's goodbye note to fans, in which he tried to convince people that "the changing of the guard is something that happens" and "James [Gunn] and Peter [Safran] have a universe to build."

"Henry as Superman was literally one of the last few good things they had going on in their messy DC universe," Twitter user jspearz007 said.

Others went full facepalm mode as they realized that Cavill will not play neither Superman nor the Witcher in Netflix 's show. Many people believed that Cavill exited The Witcher particularly due to Warner Bros. bringing his Superman back in Black Adam. However, Gunn and Safran's U-turn on that will only "dig DC grave even deeper", fans believe.

"The dceu really is over [...] and it'll all end with a movie starring [Ezra Miller], " Twitter user iSickle_ noted, referring to The Flash set to premiere in 2023.

Now that Cavill is officially out as Superman, fans dread what they think will be "another set of origin stories" as Gunn and Safran are trying to forge an entirely new cinematic universe.

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However, the worst thing about this is how the studio treated Cavill, fans believe.

"Imagine a film studio that makes an actor officially announce a role without having signed the final papers or having covered all details, only to cancel the project later… it's like DC wants to get cancelled by fans. They literally used Henry for Black Adam's promotion," Twitter user elmasekeri05 said.

Ironically, Black Adam did not seem to be a great success even with Cavill's Superman cameo in it, with The Hollywood Reporter recently estimating that the sequel is "unlikely" amid the slew of DC changes that are incoming.

James Gunn, in his turn, said that he and Safran are "big fans" of Cavill, and their talks with the actor included "a number of exciting possibilities to work together in the future." He did not elaborate on those possibilities. But he did say that future DC movies will focus on "an earlier part of Superman's life", saying this is one of the reasons why the character will not be portrayed by Cavill.