Cavill Breaks Silence on Not Returning as Superman, Dashes All Hope

Cavill Breaks Silence on Not Returning as Superman, Dashes All Hope
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's official and it's sad.

Henry Cavill is not returning as Superman. The actor who had recently made a cameo as Superman in Black Adam made a post on Instagram on Wednesday, saying the news was quite hard to accept, but this is life.

"I have just had a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran, and it's sad news, everyone. I will after all not be returning as Superman," the actor said in his statement.

He added that before the new bosses took the rein in DC Studios he had been asked "to announce his comeback in October" and he did what he was asked to do.

"This news isn't the easiest but that's life," said Henry Cavill, who had stepped down as Geralt of Rivia citing Superman among the reasons for his departure from Netflix 's The Witcher series. The actor said that changing of guard was not something unusual and that he respected the DC Studios management's decision.

"James and Peter have a universe to build. I wish them and all involved with the new universe the best of luck, and the happiest of fortunes," Cavill said in his Instagram post.

He also addressed the army of his loyal fans, who have been supporting him for years saying that "we can mourn a little bit" but it was important to remember that Superman is still around and will always be a great example to follow.

"My turn to wear the cap has passed, but what Superman stands for never will! It's been a fine ride with you all, onward and upwards."

The sad news about Cavill's yet another departure did not come out of the blue though. It was previously reported that James Gunn and Peter Safran decided to discontinue some of the hallmark DCEU projects such as Black Adam, Wonder Woman 3 and Man of Steel 2. And Cavill's cameo as Superman in Ezra Miller 's Flash, out in 2023, is not likely to happen either. Once the news was released a storm broke out and the DCEU fans were calling for Gunn's resignation. They wanted Zack Snyder back.

So the situation we have now is as bad as it can be. On the one hand the fans lost Cavill as Geralt – and he was generally recognized as the perfect fit for the role. On the other hand, we won't have Cavill as Superman we've got used to so much. Although Cavill has called on his fans to "mourn a little bit" it is very unlikely that they will listen. Most of them started mourning this fall and every bit of news about Cavill was like adding fuel to the fire.

Within just 5 hours Cavill's post gained more than 1.9 million likes and about 114k comments. Most of the followers sympathize with the actor saying that he will always remain "our generation Superman, an amazing Superman" and wishing him new interesting projects. Some are taking the news easier than others:

"I'm disappointed, but I'm also excited for what's to come. The DCEU needs a shakeup, and this could be a good thing."

Support has come not only from Cavill's fans but also from his fellow co-stars.

"Sorry Henry. I try to think that what is meant for you, will not pass you by. Keep on keeping on!" said Paul Bullion who portrayed Lambert in The Witcher show, while Shazam!'s Zachary Levi also wished they catch up in another universe.