‘Chaotic Energy’: Social Media Grills The Oscars Over Presenters List

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The list of this year’s Academy Awards winners will be revealed during the ceremony on March 27. And before that happens, the Internet has another list to be bitter about.

As soon as the names of this year’s Oscars presenters became public, Twitter threads exploded with criticism. Some were furious after not finding the name they waited for; others slammed the Academy for inviting “wrong” people.

It seems that hardly anyone is okay with the list of presenters, which includes Jacob Elordi, Serena Williams, J.K.Simmons, Jason Momoa, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Pattison and lots of other celebrities. In total, there will be 75 presenters.

And the number itself seems to infuriate users as well, with people wondering how the Academy has enough air time to fit 75 presenters but not all 23 categories.

Some people were particularly dissatisfied with the absence of Zendaya on the list.

Earlier, the Academy decided to present eight categories off-air, in what many people deemed as an attempt to save the ceremony’s less-than-impressive ratings. Last year’s Oscars turned out to be the least watched and lowest rated Academy Awards show ever, hardly passing the 10 million viewers bar.

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