Chris Pine Thinks Long-Awaited Star Trek 4 is "Cursed"

Chris Pine Thinks Long-Awaited Star Trek 4 is
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Rebooted Star Trek movie franchise did what all reboots can only dream of: they won over the long-time fans of its series.

Although Star Trek 4 was announced ages ago, nothing has happened in the past 7 years since the third move came out, and the frustration of the stars and fans alike seems to be only growing.

"Damn shame because I dig those new Star Trek movies way more than the old ones," Redditor groovehouse share.

Speaking recently to Esquire, Chris Pine, an actor behind the character of Captain Kirk, expressed his feelings in an unusually candid and open way.

According to Pine, he always thought they should, while making those movies, just cater to "this really rabid fan group," instead of chasing huge box office results.

The latter being a stone thrown at the original plans for Star Trek Beyond to gross $1 billion in the box office, which it didn't.

In the cinema world fueled by money and box office results, fans' expectations (backed in fact by those of the actors themselves, as shown above) seem not to bear that much weight.

Another frustrating point is that Chris Pine and other actors are still in the dark when it comes to movies' future, as "in 'Star Trek' land, the actors are usually the last people to find out anything."

Pine's frustration is palpable, as it is not that common for actors to speak ill about them starring in beloved movies, and moreover, do so that openly.

In fact, the movie iteration of the franchise has endured some really severe blows in the recent years.

Pine's Star Trek co-star Anton Yelchin died tragically in an accident in 2016.

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Star Trek Beyond hasn't grossed as much as its creators had planned. Chris Pine acknowledges these facts by saying that he thinks Star Trek franchise "feels like it's cursed."

Some fans seem to agree with him, albeit not entirely in the way Pine himself meant it.

"It is cursed – by terrible writing and a complete disregard for what made the series special in the first place...Rehashing nostalgic plot lines and characters doesn't make new Star Trek," Redditor patniemeyer weihgs in.

The three Star Trek movies have received positive reviews from the audiences. As years go by, the core cast of the series is getting more and more roles, and gathering them all together for another entry might be a bit of challenge in the future.

Hopefully, it will happen and fans won't have yet another reboot at their hands.

Star Trek 4 is currently tentatively slated to come out at the end of 2024, but considering the current state of affairs, delays would be unsurprising.