Christian Bale Went Full American Psycho on His Star Colleagues: 'I Hate Them All'

Christian Bale Went Full American Psycho on His Star Colleagues: 'I Hate Them All'
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The $120M worth star has never been exactly happy with his profession, it seems.


  • Christian Bale started acting out of financial need and quickly became hooked on the Hollywood money.
  • Despite earning well, the Dark Knight star “never really gave a sh*t” about acting on its own.
  • His profession is a love-hate relationship for Bale who admitted to hating the movie industry and its people.

Christian Bale is largely known as one of the most dedicated and flexible actors in Hollywood. He’s willing to undergo complete physical and mental transformations for his movie roles, and his method acting game often terrifies his colleagues. Well, good think Bale isn’t particularly fond of them, then — it’d be a shame to make someone you like feel uncomfortable on set, right?

Christian Bale Bashed Hollywood Actors

During his 2014 interview with THR, the Dark Knight star got candid on many topics, including his own love-hate relationship with the movie industry and the people that work there. As it turned out, Christian Bale’s not a fan of actors, finding their inherent sins frustrating to deal with.

“[Acting has] always been a love-hate thing for me. <...> When I love it, I love it. When I hate it, I just can’t. It’s just disgusting, this vanity-fueled profession. I mean, I just can’t stand it. I can’t stand the people and I hate them all, and I hate the films and I don’t want to see a film again in my life,” the actor shared in the interview.

From Bale’s tirade, it becomes apparent that he doesn’t fancy his own profession — but it makes sense, considering how this particular Hollywood star came to be.

Christian Bale Felt No Call for Acting

Unlike most other actors, Bale didn’t feel the pull of the stage since he was a child; in fact, he only started acting out of pure necessity. Forget the “chase your dream” stories, this isn’t one of them. The young actor-in-making simply needed… Money.

“Honestly, I didn’t really give a sh*t about [acting]; it was more just suddenly people asking me. It was money, you know? ‘Christ, my family can do with that!’ So sure, all right, I did it; there was no reason not to do it. And everybody kept asking me to do it, and then it became sort of a thing of, ‘Oh, I could actually really provide with this,’” Christian Bale explained to THR.

According to the star, despite the great earnings, acting quickly became his “prison.” He knew he had to do it — to provide money, to not let down his colleagues, to meet the audience’s expectations… But he wasn’t exactly happy about being part of the movie industry.

Oh well, we just hope that a $120M net worth somewhat makes up for the discomfort of being universally loved by people all over the world!

Source: THR