Christina Ricci Was Almost Sued Because Of An Intimate Scene

Christina Ricci Was Almost Sued Because Of An Intimate Scene
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The actress opened up about her uncomfortable experience while filming sex scenes.

There are many memorable movies starring Christina Ricci, but the beginning of her career on the big screen was somehow traumatic.

The actress admitted that she was once threatened with a lawsuit for refusing to film a certain intimate scene.

On The View show the actress talked about the changes in Hollywood. In particular, she discussed the young actresses with whom Christina now works in Yellowjackets.

According to her, things are much better now than at the beginning of her career.

Christina claims that actresses are now free to talk about filming intimate scenes, and she is very happy that they are no longer have to feel pressure.

The actress even revealed that she was threatened with a lawsuit in one of the projects because she did not want to film an erotic scene in a particular way.

There were no details about what the movie was about or who was threatening the lawsuit.

"It's amazing to see that they don't necessarily have to go through things that we had to go through. They're able to say, 'I don't want to do this sex scene. I'm not going to be naked.' They can set boundaries for themselves that we were never allowed to do,'' the actress shared.

Eventually, the producers did not sue her and even apologized. But not all of these stories end well. For example, Sharon Stone was duped in Basic Instinct and asked to remove her underwear so that it would not ''reflect the light.''

As a result, the actress lost custody of her son. Sharon was unable to conceive for a long time, so she and her husband adopted their son, Roan, in 2000.

When getting divorced in 2004, they had to go through the courts to decide who the child would stay with. The judge sided with the ex-husband.

He argued that a woman who acted in such movies would not be able to raise a child. The world is changing, and what used to be normal is now perceived differently.

Recently, a new profession has emerged in the film industry, an intimacy coordinator, who makes sure that the process of filming such scenes goes as smoothly as possible.

The emergence of a new profession could mean a fundamental change in the concept of filming intimate scenes, giving hope that young actresses will not find themselves in situations like that of Ricci or Stone.