Christopher Nolan Under Fire After Naming 'The Best Actor Of The Generation'

Christopher Nolan Under Fire After Naming 'The Best Actor Of The Generation'
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Fans of other iconic under-50 actors are fuming after Nolan announced his choice.


  • Christopher Nolan recently won the Best Director award for Oppenheimer at the DGA Awards.
  • During his speech, Nolan recalled how 15 years ago, he called Cillian Murphy “the best actor of his generation,” and said that Oppenheimer proved it.
  • While some fans agreed with the directors, others suggested a number of other under-50 stars who they deem better than Murphy.

Naming the “best” actors is always a tough call as there are hundreds of great professionals to choose from, and even more if we leave the confinements of Hollywood. However, for Christopher Nolan, the choice proved relatively easy: the director recently confirmed his utterly drunk conclusion from 15 years ago.

Christopher Nolan Picked His Champion Actor

Being one of the most acclaimed movie directors of our time, it’s safe to assume that Christopher Nolan knows his actors and is well-acquainted with the Hollywood’s finest’ works. Having spent decades in the movie industry, Nolan recently revealed who, in his opinion, is the best actor in his generation — and many fans were surprised.

“It’s about 15 years since I woke up a little hungover and said to [my wife] Emma, ‘Did I go up to Cillian [Murphy] last night and say, “You’re the best actor of your generation?”’ Thanks to Oppenheimer, that’s looking less like the shabby ramblings of a drunk director,” Christopher Nolan said at the DGA Awards ceremony.

At the DGA Awards, Nolan won the Best Director Award for Oppenheimer, his most recent movie where Cillian Murphy played the lead part.

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Fans Taking Shots At Nolan After The Reveal

Seeing how art is highly subjective, it was only predictable that calling someone “the best actor of his generation,” let alone “the best actor ever,” would be a highly controversial statement. Movie fans have been up in arms ever since Christopher Nolan’s revelation, and while some agree with him, others are fuming.

“How would he know? He's only hired seven other actors,” X (formerly Twitter) user Snarky Commenter quipped in the comment section.

Others named a bunch of acclaimed actors who, in their eyes, should be ranking higher than Cillian Murphy. The list included, but was not limited to: Leonardo DiCaprio ( of course), Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Ryan Gosling, Joaquin Phoenix, Tom Hardy, and many others. In fans’ eyes, Murphy has quite a serious competition!

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Either way, as we said before, art is very subjective, so there’s no right or wrong answer here. For Christopher Nolan, the director who’s worked with him for two decades, Cillian Murphy is the best actor, and there’s no way to change his mind. And realistically, why would anyone even need to do so?..

Do you agree that Cillian Murphy is the GOAT?

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