Cillian Murphy Reveals The Nolan Movie He Wishes He Was A Part Of

Cillian Murphy Reveals The Nolan Movie He Wishes He Was A Part Of
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Despite appearing in half of the legendary director's filmography, there's still one movie Cillian Murphy would have loved to star in.

After Cillian Murphy 's many collaborations with Christopher Nolan, taking on a lead role in the director's latest film, Oppenheimer, seems like a long overdue next step for the actor.

It started back in 2005 with Batman Begins, in which Murphy portrayed one of the villains, the Scarecrow, and continues to this day, with a total of six films spanning almost 20 years.

However, the aforementioned six films are only half of Christopher Nolan's filmography, and in a recent interview with The Independent, Murphy shed some light on which other of the legendary director's films he wishes he could have appeared in.

It seems the actor has a soft spot for 2014's Interstellar, which starred Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, as he adores it and finds the sci-fi epic "so emotional."

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When Murphy saw it in theaters with his kids, it made a huge impression on him and even "broke his heart."

Although Cillian loves the movie as it is without him, as he made it clear that the cast was "the right people" for the job.

The Oppenheimer star also seems to be quite self-conscious about appearing on the big screen, as he mentioned that he loves watching Nolan's movies that he wasn't a part of because "you don't have to freak out about the size of your ears or whatever."

Fans say he would have been a great addition to the cast of Interstellar, considering his performance in Danny Boyle 's 2007 film Sunshine.

Sadly, the film was almost completely ruined by its final act, which turned it into a horrible and generic monster movie and spoiled the overall experience.

If not for that disappointing climax, many fans still believe that Sunshine could have been just as great as Nolan's sci-fi masterpiece.

They also say that it's no surprise that Cillian was fascinated by Interstellar, as he's a father of two, and the story left a lasting impression on most parents who saw it.

The actor's next film will be the period drama Small Things Like These, although no release date has been announced.

Do you think Cillian Murphy would have fit into the cast of Interstellar?

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